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Casper & Lewis Makeup Brushes

Casper & Lewis specialise in the production of Makeup Brushes. Our brushes are made of the highest quality materials and finest workmanship and are designed to be used by both the home user and professional makeup artist.


Our brushes not only last a long time, but they allow excellent application of any makeup. All of our brushes are handmade, ensuring that each item has been masterfully crafted for your use. Please see each range and each individual brush for further information on design and use of each brush.


Pricing of our brushes are of an excellent value as we are able to source our exclusive brushes directly from the factory with whom we have worked closely for many years. Full audits have been regularly conducted on our manufacturer and we are proud that they meets higher than required levels of worker safety and fair work practices. Production is completed in an air-conditioned work environment within clean rooms that are expertly maintained.

The Casper & Lewis Makeup Brush Collection

Browse our range of quality products, ensuring the ideal makeup brush to ensure your makeup is applied with the best results. Our two collections include:

Rose Gold Makeup Brush Collection

Professional Makeup Brush Selection

Each collection is designed to meet the our high product standards so you can be sure your purchase will offer quality results.