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What is La Fresh Travel Lite™?

It happens to all of us...We leave home in a rush, only to realize that we didn’t put on antiperspirant, or we forgot to pack those useful antibacterial wipes or insect repellent for the outdoors.

Especially with our busy lives and liquid size restrictions when air traveling, what’s an active, on-the-go person to do?

Now there’s La Fresh Travel Lite™, an ultra-classy, ultra-convenient line of amenity towelette packets. Perfect for jet-setters, go-getters, outdoor enthusiasts and multi-taskers everywhere, these portable wipes are small in size, designed for practicality and easy to apply discreetly. Each item is carry-on friendly and slim enough to slip into a pocket, handbag, briefcase or wallet. For a refreshing getaway any day, Travel Lite™ and Live. Life. La Fresh.™

Where are Travel Lite™ Products Made?

All La Fresh® products are made in sunny Southern California, USA, using clean solar energy.